Nexus 4 connecting via bluetooth to iMac

For a few months now, I have face a problem when trying to send files from a Google Nexus 4 smartphone to my iMac.

The problem

I was able to pair the nexus with iMac and it was ok to send files from iMac to nexus.
The problem was on the other way around, i.e, when sending files from nexus to iMac it always come up with an error. And the strange thing is that in iMac bluetooth preferences, the device (nexus 4) was connected only for 2 seconds and then disconnected again.

Before I present the solution in the “pandora box”, let me put up the specs we are dealing here:
Google Nexus 4
Android v 4.2.2
Kernel v 3.4.0-perf-g7ce11cd
Mac Os X Lion v 10.7.5

The solution

Well, after digging a lot in google and going trough a lot of complaints about bluetooth issues  regarding Google nexus 4, I found a simple ridiculous 3 steps solution. 

  1. In iMac open bluetooth preferences
  2. Go to sharing setup
  3. Enable bluetooth sharing and voilá!
For some reason the nexus 4 device need this bluetooth sharing option to be enable on Mac os X. I had other devices before and I never needed to enable it. It always worked fine to send and receive files from and to iMac to the smartphone.
Any way this solved my issue.

The nexus 4 keeps disconnected in iMac bluetooth panel, but when I send some files from the smartphone it connects right away.

I hope this post will help those, like me, who had spend a lot of time figuring out how to solve this problem.

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